When Chanel met IKEA

It’s just one rug that’s got us trippin, winter 2010…


BETTER THAN LIVING is a lifestyle research and design practice based in New York City. But they like to go all around the world to shop for ideas in shopping malls, suburban enclaves and intense luxury consumer environments that promise better living.

Ikea accessories

For example how to use Ikea bag and made from it a fashion accessories. For this collection the designer Adriana Valdez Young who is an extreme domesticity designer used the following materials: Affenpinscher Bag: Oleby faux-fur rug, Frakta shopping bag, assorted metal chains. Boot Tricks: Rens sheepskin rug, Frakta bag, assorted metal chains. Bed Bra: Skydda mattress cover, Alvine Ljuv duvet cover, Frakta bag.

ikea accessories

ikea accessories

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