The Fashion Globe

It’s an exclusive destination for the international Creative Professional and the Fashion Enthusiast that provides a complete social networking platform and a unique magazine FG Magazine.


FG aims to build the most sophisticated and influential group of tastemakers and professionals and its mission is to go beyond our Members’ social media expectations as they believe in people and the spirit of a community.

From the very beginning, FG is committed to develop and maintain personal contact with their members to support their social and business endeavors with real solutions. FG members coming from over 90 countries in the world  are in a safe place connecting with thousands of top creative professionals, online and offline — wherever they are in the world.

As the network evolves, FG will continue to bring unlimited ressources, innovation, key services and connections to be ahead of all needs.

FG Magazine is a unique and fresh digital publication brought to you by THE FASHIONGLOBE™. The focus is on fashion, art, culture and current events. Mission is to highlight the artistic and cultural landscape of the emerging fashion community while engaging interesting individuals and supporting talents.

Thanks to built-in integration with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, it’s easy for users to maximize their reach and spread the word. They can sign-up/sign-in with Facebook and share anything with Twitter or Facebook integrated application.

Members can add their RSS feeds from external websites, blogs, or other sources to the FG Social Network. This is a great way to pull in content that other members might be interested in.

Great extensions for irresistible social functionality – live video streaming Ustream and email marketing Mail Chimp – are constantly added.

So what are you expecting to join The FG?

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