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The Carnival of Venice arrived in Milan –exhibition by Fabrizio Capsoni

The tour of photos by Fabrizio Capsoni of Venice Carnival started on February 6th in the bar “Il Volo” in Milan. This bar has a good location for the exhibition, which is suggestive for photography and for environment. The photographer takes a pictures on the Venetian carnival masks, effectively putting highlight landscapes and especially the […]

Wilhelm von Gloeden: the excesses of the “Archeologica Casta” in Milan

On 24 January 2008. was the opening of a brand new art display at “Palazzo della Ragione” in Milan. The exhibition, literally “unveieled” to the public about one week ago, is titled “Von Gloeden. Nudi, paesaggi e scene in genere” (Von Gloeden. Naked portraits, landscapes and general scenes) and will be open to the public […]