Ritrovarsi a Parigi

It’s a new title of Marta Lock’s third book.


Lizzy is a free spirit, allergic to any kind of relationship that makes her feel entangled in a couple reality from which she only wants to flee. Robert looked very different at the beginning, so she let him slowly conquer her heart, but with the passing of time she discovered him to be an unexpectedly boring and lazy man. When she decides to close the story now over, clashes with the inability of her boyfriend to accept the end of the relationship, and he begins to follow her everywhere making her life impossible until she make the decision to change the city.

She decides to move to Paris, the birthplace of his mother and where his ninety grandfather still lives. From that moment begins her journey of personal growth and deep knowledge of herself through the story that her grandfather tells her on his life, made up of suffering from prejudice and racism with which he had to face as an Italian immigrant, but also of revenge for their dream of opening a restaurant that over time had become one of the most known and appreciated in Paris, and a great love, immense, his wife Silvie, lasting for a lifetime.

Lizzy discovers that the women of her family, her mother and grandmother before then, have challenged the conventions of the world choosing for love, to go against the family rules and especially against racism: the grandmother, a member of the French nobility, for choosing to live her life with an Italian boy, setting herself against the family of origin and renouncing to the comforts of their status, the mother for choosing to leave Paris and fly to London with a musician and penniless hippie, ignoring and fighting the obstinacy of her mother, that had forgotten the battles fought at her time and unable to accept the guy who thought ill-suited to her daughter. Silvie’s suspects revealed to be correct when he abandon her daughter the day that will give birth to Lizzy, who in  Paris will begin to realize that her desire to escape is dictated from her abandonment by the father, a need to not bind to avoid before seeing the object of her love disappear.

A restaurant in the fate of his grandfather and one to Lizzy: when the French bistro of his friend Thierry enter into economic crisis, she decides to enter into partnership with him and take the reins administrative and promotional to save it and bring it to an unexpected success.

Racism and prejudice won by both of the other women in her family back in the present of Lizzy: in Paris will meet and fall in love with Yannik, a black boy, which will force her to overcome the barriers erected by her blocks against a story so much out of her mindset and especially those in the defense and protection of his heart. She discovers how strong it can be a feeling that leads someone to fight against everything and everyone, letting go and accepting within herself and in her life an involvement never experienced before. Until she starts to notice a dark side to this guy, whom she has decided to donate his heart unconditionally, that will prevent her from trusting him completely.

The sordid past of Yannik becomes for him such a source of shame to drive him to distance himself from a love so great, for which basically feels inadequate, to redeem himself and take up the reins of his life, to regain compliance of himself and to feel worthy of the woman he adores. But Lizzy discovers his terrible secret before he manages to redeem himself and finally closes their relationship.

A novel exciting and passionate teaching to reflect, to listen, to overcome prejudices, to know ourselves through the treasure of our past and listening to his voice to take valuable lesson, a family saga in which the past is intertwined with the present and all the elements reunite in a final full of twists and turns.

The novel will be achetable in every Italian library and every on these sites:, and on every online bookstore.

Marta Lock was born in Terni in December 30, 1970. After years of clerical work decides to leave his home town to go for entertainment in villages and lives for two years abroad. After that experience, she moved to Milan where she currently lives and works as writer and editor of news for, in addition to her personal articles of L’Attimo Fuggente, on her web site Notte Tunisina, the debut novel, was released in May 2011, Quell’anno a Cuba, his second work, was published in July 2012. Ritrovarsi a Parigi is her third book.

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