Qualities Uncovered

On the occasion of Design week in Milan, sixth young designers are ready to discuss design quality.


Two years ago,  we met in Milan the sixth international designers a.k.a Uncovered. Elia Mangia, Giopato&Coombes, Elisa Honkanen, Jim Hannon-Tan, Line Depping&Jakob Jørgensen and Peter Johansen,  on occasion of Milan design week 2012  present Qualities Uncovered.

This time the young designers are ready to discuss design quality. What are the characteristics that give an object “quality design” status”? Durability, accessibility, functions, evironmental impact, innovation, the capacity to arouse an emotional response? Each designer confronts his or her design values, to give a personal definition of quality.

Opening party: Tuesday 17th April 2012, h 19,30

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