Paolo Saporiti – l’ultimo ricatto Tour at ELF Theatre

ELF Theatre, Friday, October 19th, 21.15pm


Paolo Saporiti, one of the most talented Italian folksingers choose the Elf Theatre for the start up of the new live project.

” l’ultimo ricatto“, is a piece of work by a songwriter devoted to the sacredworld of American and English folk music, (from the 70’s to today) who strictly decided to stress and test his songs. Xabier Iriondo, the arranger of the album, is the elected shaman who injected his own avant-garde urges into the meditative and highly emotional writing style of Paolo Saporiti.

“L’ultimo ricatto” honors the genre of mainstream folk music in its strict observance of the rules, beginning with the decision to strive to obtain a sweet, old-fashioned and personal sound. This was achieved by the hands of Co-Producer / Recording Engineer, Raffaele Abbate in his recording studio tucked between the hills of the Ligurian coast close to Genova,far away from the tumultuous noises of the town. However, if it had not been for the solid and specific model of the author’s compositions, we would not have also been able to receive the cd as a product of an experimental, world musician. Saporiti’s individual and personal voice, together with the guitar and sometimes banjo and piano, guides us toward the collision of a close group of acoustic sketches comprised of some noisy implosions (Iriondo’s electric guitars), some electronic tremors (Zeno Gabaglio on electric cello), saxophones’ worries (Stefano Ferrian) and rhythmic agitations (Cristiano Calgagnile’s drums).

The whole album brings the listener through multiple scenarios, short “crescendos” and a few small marches that scatter substance throughout the air. Meanwhile, the songs of the album formed with autobiographical truth lead us to a universal act of courage and dislike toward the state of how things are. This stands behind the choice of changing our passive condition, for that’s the only way for Man to find himself: passing through “L’ultimo ricatto”, the very first act of freedom.

Saporiti has already released five amazing albums, three published by the Milan-based Indie label Canebagnato, before his debut on a major with UNIVERSAL Classic and his latest move to OrangeHomeRecords.

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