No paper Jam

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Yesterday night, I have been invited to an opening of a new digital agency called No paper Jam. Original presentations, extraordinary gadgets, charming and young staff made the evening very pleasant and friendly. The main protagonist of the evening was one color: orange.

The architect of the idea was CEO Silvia Testi. Together with group Terashop, e-commerce full service provider, No Paper Jam’s start-up has the objective to propose to the companies a new agency model that will integrate digital communications deep into their work.

It’s a “new type of agency”, existing in a space between a classic agency and a market place, which takes conceptual form of an “Agency Place”, both virtual and physical spot where the solution to specific problems can be found.

No Paper Jam is the innovative solution for all those who are looking for a fast responsive agency and want to integrate digital communications in their work.

The name “NO PAPER JAM” is a provocation; the idea behind it is to help businesses to overcome the “traditional paper jams” but also to experiment with new forms of communication that are born as a result of the fusion of “positive contamination” of services (“jam”) that are no longer offered on paper but are transferred to the world wide web. (“No paper”).

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