Fashionbloggers for Anci at Micam 2012

ANCI has selected young fashionbloggers to retell the news of MICAM 2012.


This year the most prestigious international fair dedicated to mid-to-high and high-end footwear MICAM has become more social. On this occasion Anci has presented the first web TV dedicated to Italian shoes, the new channel focused on fashion shows, advice, information, entertainment and lots of international programmes.

Furthermore, I Love Italian Shoes Video Tag was name for the prestigious Anci creative award which was open to video taggers from any country, with the aim of narrating the latest object of seduction: Italian-made shoes.

And finally, the fashionbloggers were the protagonist of this MICAM edition, making the interviews with Italian and international designers who exhibited this year.What will be the shoes trend for next session, what are the particular details and which colours will dominate, and how much important is “Made in Italy” for international brands, see here.


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