Flavio Parenti, rising star of the Italian cinema presents the #ByMySide Web Series.


The web-series, which collected amazing hits from its announcement in only two weeks, tells the story of three musicians, Teo (Pier Luigi Pasino), Sparo (Matteo Alfonso) e Bozo (Jocopo Maria Bicocchi) who are waiting for one entire night the return of their lead singer, who misteriously desappeared six months before.

What happened to the frontman Flippo (Flavio Parenti) and what will be of these guys who are trying their best in order to survive and get out of that cold and empty parking lot?

The thirteens episodes are on air weekly on

A web series written by Flavio PARENTI / Pier Luigi PASINO
Directed by Flavio PARENTI
With Pier Luigi PASINO, Matteo ALFONSO, Jacopo BICOCCHI e Flavio PARENTI

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